Thursday, August 27, 2015

How Many Treatments are Necessary for Zerona?

In general, (6) Treatments are the rule of thumb for each area of the body you wish to have treated. Typically these treatments are received on a basis of 3/ week over  2 week period. However, there is new research passed through the FDA showing fantastic results with a slower regimen such as 2/ week for 3 weeks and even 1/ week for 6 weeks. In our facility, we have already been clinically testing the waters with some clients only performing 2 treatments  per week with very satisfactory results. Not only have we seen great results, this has been very helpful in accommodating clients tight time constraints due to busy lives. We find this a "win-win."
In our office, we thoroughly believe in supporting our clients as much as possible in attaining their goals, this often means not only Zerona Treatments, but also nutritional support, lifestyle changes, and the like to get the best long term results possible.

Remember, we always offer Complimentary Consultations to our clients to determine the best fit for their needs!
We are happy to help any way we can.
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